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During the month of September, Rotaract club of Malindi conducted a Juvenile book drive and collected storybooks for the juvenile kids in Malindi. Among those who donated books are Travel Rafikis Initiative, Rotarians, Rotaractors and their friends.

The Rotaract Club of Malindi intends to have a Library set at the Malindi Juvenile Remand Home. The club members usually visit every Saturday afternoon for mentorships, offer life skills, play educative games and conduct basic reading lessons. The Rotaract Club of Malindi invites everyone with a heart for children to partner in making the Library a reality.

Many of us find reading a bit boring and tiresome but there are a few tricks you can use to overcome this. The following tips will make a big difference for those who are determined to make reading interesting for children as well as adults.

  1. Pick the right books to read

Every person has their likes and dislikes. When it comes to reading, the idea is to select a story that will interest you-the reader. Some of the storybooks categories include Adventure stories such as mountain climbing or hiking. Other stories such as how to do certain things can also create some interest for reading.

  1. Read out loud to make it fun

This may sound a little bit weird but believe me it will make story reading fun especially for children. Recently I was reading a book with my son and it turned out quite interesting. While reading out I used different voices for the characters in the stories and I even dramatised the activities in the story. Every time I read out loud, my son did the same when it was his turn and we laughed till the end of the story. The following day upon questioning my son about the story, I realised he could remember most of the characters in the story.

  1. Use a variety of reading materials

Reading content is quite diverse. Story books and novels can sometimes be a turn off. In turn you can replace story books with comic magazines and newspapers as well.

  1. Create a reading ‘hideout’

In my house I have a small place set for reading sessions. So, my son knows that whenever he finds me in that small space-we call it the ‘book space’, he knows it’s reading time. When the urge to read knocks and it will come once you make it a habit, take that book relax your mind and read some interesting story juices.

  1. Start an audio book series

Reading can be tiresome at times. Therefore, to break the monotony of reading you can opt to listen to a selected audio book series. There are authors who record several series in a continuing story and this keeps you hooked to listen to the end.


Once you set an hour during the day for reading time and you follow it consistently, you will discover your new passion in books. Tag someone along your reading journey.

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