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Success usually come to those who are too busy to be looking for it.-Henry David Thoreau


Life has lots of opportunities to offer, you just need to grab the right ones for yourself. I got the opportunity to attend a one month program offered by YALI (Youth African Leaders initiative) in July this year at Nairobi. It is here, that I interacted with amazing, determined and potential young African change makers from 14 countries in East and Central Africa. They have great stories of their own and their countries too. The first story I will share is from Mohammed Gamal, a cheerful and energetic man who hails from Sudan.

Tell me what you like about your country fun facts


“My name is Mohammed Gamal, a Communications manager in Donor Services. Sudanese are welcoming, helpful, generous and honest people. It is so safe to be in Sudan. I Q

“Sudan has 597 groups that speak over 400 different dialects. Sudan lost most of oil reserves (over 80 percent) after secession of South Sudan. Religion plays an important role in Sudan, with 97% of the population adhering to Islam. Sudan is made up of 4 National Parks and 2 Marine National Parks (Dinder and Sanganeb).

Sudan sanganeb-national-park

Your talents …

“I like playing football and I can make people feel comfortable around me.

Challenges facing youths in your country…

“A commendable number of youths in my country are very pessimistic. They are always complaining about unemployment instead of finding ways to create employment. They opt to emigrate to the U.A.E and Saudi Arabia whereas most of them don’t have proper command of the English Language. Youths need to have a mental makeover, to value themselves and be fully responsible for their actions.

“Youths need to stop being lazy and stop waiting for quick results as the easy way out.

“Another problem facing youths in Sudan is lack of opportunities to receive quality education and favorable working environment.

“The social and ethnic conflict and tribal racism for the light coloured and dark coloured people is also a negative trait that needs to be abolished in order to create equal opportunities for everyone in Sudan.

Youths and volunteering…

“I volunteer for a Non Governmental Organisation and I also have a soft spot for the young people that are gradually adapting to volunteering as well. The beauty of volunteering is the opportunity to get exposure and experience in the different professional fields.

You and books…


“I enjoy reading insightful, religious, science and Archeology books. I also like Self Development books too. Some of the books I have read are Azan Al-anaam by Imad Hassan, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Words of encouragement…

“Youths should know that every little amount of hard work will pay off, someday. Success does not come easy and nobody was born successful. There will be failure after failure sometimes, but never give up. People need to take decisions and work on them.

If you were not doing what you were doing now, what would you be doing?

“Project Manager.

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