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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
― Nelson Mandela

On my search for African transformers, I come across one lady. She is super energetic, extraordinary with a big heart for African children. Her short and simple baby locks are quite neat complimented by her shy smile. She is strong-spirited and a go-getter. I can go on and on about this petite young lady from the land of Magufuli, so, let me present to you Catherine Kimambo. Read on…


Tell me what you like about your country…

“My name is Catherine Kimambo, a Creative Director from Dar es salaam, Tanzania. I love Tanzania because of the hospitable, loving and welcoming people. There are lots of magnificent heritage sites and world-class beaches. We have two capital cities. Dar es salaam is the Administrative capital and Dodoma is the Legislative capital.

“Tanzania also prides in Mt. Kilimanjaro- a dormant volcano with a snowy peak as well as Serengeti National park-home to tree climbing lions and the annual wildebeest migration.

“In Unguja there are several beautiful white sandy beaches along the coastline.

Unguja-Geoffrey Oyomba                                                                  Photo courtesy (c) Geoffrey Oyomba

Your talents …

“I have many talents (giggles) but simply saying I am a creative director involved in different initiatives and programs. There is a yearly music festival in Dodoma that I organise.

Challenges facing youths in your country…

“Youths in my country have what I call ‘mental laziness’. They do not want to think ‘outside the box’. Job scarcity is evident but that should not hinder young people from employing themselves. Most of them lack proper ways of strategy in investing.

“Youths are enjoying their comfort zone when it comes to innovation. They need to be more creative and innovative to venture into opportunities out there. It is also important for youths to mentor each other especially those who’ve penetrated the business markets.

Youths and volunteering…

“I have been volunteering for the last three years with different organisations in order to gain skills. Youths in my country when told to volunteer ask “How much am I being paid?” If told there is no payment they decline. They prefer to get a job and get paid peanuts or waste their time on social media.

You and books…

“I like to read Biographies, Autobiographies, memoirs and Fiction books. I am careful on what I feed my mind. What I input is what I would like to output. Some of my favourite authors are Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill because they focus on investing.

“Books by African writers interest me furthermore for instance Freedom and Liberation by Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. Additionally, Athol Fugard on the Township Plays.

Words of encouragement…

“Interests change. Goals change. My advice to youths is get up and get going. Just go for it. Yours dreams, make them come true.

If you were not doing what you are doing now, what would you be doing?

“I would still be a creator because I am a creative being. I desire to create a smile on someone.

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