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The Greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.

Coretta Scott King


A few days ago, I reached out to Narinder Singh and requested for a meet-up. I needed some advice regarding a project I was working on. He agreed to meet me. It was so good of him, what are friends for anyway!

After our chit-chat, I asked him if he would like to be featured on my monthly series, Celebrate Life With Mrs Fox. He enthusiastically agreed, and I’m so glad he did!

Narinder’s story is a wonderful start to this series, refreshingly honest and relatable. His life revolves around Rotary and the Sikh community. Get ready to receive some real nuggets of wisdom.

 Experience in Rotary and impact to society…

“My name is Narinder Singh. I am a Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Mombasa. I am also an Honorary Life Member of The Mombasa Club since 1968. I am Active on youth and community service. Rotary has been an amazing experience for me as half of my life has been on social work. I have been a member of the Hindu Community for over 40 years and a trustee of the Sikh Supreme Council.

“Through my Rotary Club, I have participated in adopting of Makanzani community. This community boasts of a Primary School, a Secondary School and a community Clinic built by the Rotary Club of Mombasa.

“Rotary has enabled me to travel to Japan and Italy in Rome for Rotary Conventions. I have also organized and attended several District Conferences in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

“In one of my trips to Arusha, my fellow Rotarians and I spend a whole day at the Kilimanjaro Airport waiting for a flight that was later cancelled. The Airport did not inform us of the cancellation. In those days communication was only through telegraph. There were few taxis and no phones. It was getting really late and we were hungry. To make matters worse, the Airport did not have restaurants in those days.

“Luckily, a taxi passed by the airport to drop a passenger. We boarded. It drove us back to Arusha town where we managed to get a place to sleep and enjoy a decent meal. Regarding our flight back to Mombasa the next day, we had to charter a 12 seater private jet.

Importance of Peace, Love and Unity…

“I am a member of the Sikh Community and the Sikh Religion tells us to believe in the Creator, not the creation. When you believe in the Creator, you learn to love His creation. God is love and we are of one God. Where there is love; there will be peace and unity.

Advice to young people…

“My advice to young people is to always think positively. Positive thinkers respond to life, they do not react to it. Think of it this way, when you sit with your friend talking and they call you a donkey; what response do you give? Do you roll up your sleeves and punch them on the face asking them why they called you a donkey or do you just sit back, laugh at it knowing that you are not a donkey. You ignore the insults and go on with your business.

Respond to life, do not react to it.

“My other advice is to never mix religion and politics. Those two never mix and when they do, they bring enmity and destroy unity. You see, the philosophy of the Sikh is, “You learn about the Creator by loving his creation”

“The simple principles that I believe we should follow are to meditate on the Lord’s name, do truthful earning and share you earning with the poor and the less fortunate.

Lasting Expression…

“Leaders of this world are too egoistic, if they let go of their ego there will be peace. Everything belongs to the Lord; and if we believe in that, we will love each other.”

Wisdom Nuggets from Narinder…

  1. Positive thinkers win
  2. Enjoy life while serving others
  3. Believe in the Creator not the creation
  4. Let go your ego and you will find peace


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