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It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

-Mother Teresa

So, on my venture to bring you more wisdom and real inspirational stories, I discover one beautiful lady. Her name is Onestar Magiri. She has a winning smile, a warm personality, a giver at heart, a mother and wife to one Mwenda Thuranira. She is also a Rotarian. My adoration for her is evident.

I am delighted listening to her as we sit together to enjoy the breathtaking spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. The soothing ambience and serenity of the Englishpoint Marina makes it the place to be.

Your Rotary Experience

“My name is Onestar Magiri. I work with my Husband in our real estate company, My Space Properties. I am a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Mombasa. My humble upbringing has been my pillar of strength. I have learnt to pray and seek guidance from God.

“When I got married, I lived with my husband in the U.S.A for almost ten years. While, still living abroad I always sought ways to make a difference in people’s lives. I donated funds to support disadvantaged and less fortunate children back at home. It is not that I had too much to give but I know the power of a cheerful giver.

“Upon our relocation back to Kenya, My husband introduced me to Rotary. We both joined different Rotary Clubs but our goal was one, Community Service. I met with so many like-minded people, who sacrificed their time and busy schedules to serve humanity. I am proud to be a Rotarian.


Impact to society and humanity

“There is a quote by the Pope that says,

“You don’t have to be a priest to be a saint. It is the simple things you do.”

“I enjoy putting a smile on people’s face. Through my Rotary Club, I have engaged in several community development projects.  Among those projects is fundraising for Education. So far, we have raised over eight million shillings which caters for secondary and higher education for students in disadvantaged families.

“Rotarians are guided by the Four Way Test. A set of guiding principles meant to create fairness in their undertakings. Through Rotary, I have managed to visits places like Korea, Addis Ababa, Naivasha and Diani for District Conferences. It is easy getting a visa to other countries through Rotary for Conventions and District Conferences.

Advice to Young People

“Giving is not limited to money giving someone you time is paramount.

“I have taught my children to give from a very tender age so that as they grow up they will understand better the importance of giving. It comes with a good feeling too.

“Our club has set aside days in the Rotary Calender for visiting the disabled children in Portreitz, Mombasa. My children always accompany me in these visits. We take cooked rice and beans for the children among other foodstuffs. We feed the children and spend time with them.

Importance of Peace, Love and Unity

“Peace begins with a smile- Mother Teresa

“Having peace in my heart is very important. It is something that gives me contentment. I am a staunch catholic and a believer in Christ. I like sharing inspirational messages as well as give advice to young women.

“You don’t miss anything by loving others. The Bible teaches us to love God and love one another. Even my husband’s name Mwenda means love in Meru language and so I believe love surrounds me.

“When people are united, they can achieve so much. I have seen my Rotary Club raise commendable funds for projects because of unity towards a common goal. Unity is strength.

Lasting expression

“Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

“I encourage everyone to be prayerful, to love more, give more often and keep smiling. To be contented with what they have and be outgoing. When you are outgoing, you are able to grab opportunities that come along your way. Find peace within yourself and just be happy.”

Nuggets of wisdom from Onestar Magiri

  1. Giving is not only about money, having the time for another is also giving
  2. Entrust your endeavors to God through prayer
  3. Good small things done consistently make great impact
  4. Love, give, smile and be happy.


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