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  • The rush and the busyness amidst other life grinds have given you a go slow. The lockdown is happening in most countries across the globe so here is a chance for you to revive that dying relationship.
  • You have a talent as a writer or a pianist but you have been tucking it all away because your daily hustle won’t let you be. It’s time to take charge of that pen and paper or rather hold those piano keys down.

We have had several outbreaks in Kenya that have shaken us like the Locusts invasion. They came, destroyed, and before we could recover, another pandemic comes knocking.

Corona virus, also known as COVID-19(Corona Virus Disease discovered in 2019) has rolled in unexpectedly. In fact the whole world is shaken. The new norm is ‘Stay at home’ and ‘Wash you hands’.

I work across the Island in South Coast and I cross over on a Ferry everyday. There is Mv Kwale, Mv Kilindini, Mv Likoni, Mv Nyayo and the latest and largest Mv Jambo. These ferries on peak hours ferry over 1500 people per trip daily from the Island to the Mainland and vice versa.

This week as I routinely cross, I notice a sombre mood on the people crossing the Likoni Channel. From their small talks, it’s evident they have little knowledge regarding the Corona Virus.

The County government of Mombasa and Kenya Ferry Services have put in place several taps on both entry points to ensure everyone washes their hands clean. Although a number of the people crossing are abit adamant on the safety measures implemented.

As I self quarantine and follow the government directive to stay at home, I believe there are a few important things I need to do during this time. I’ll share with you 3 essential things to note.

  1. Keep your mind right

Newsrooms, Radio stations, Newspapers and the Internet is awash with information. Verified and unverified information is at our disposal. Come to think of it, I am not a researcher and the information I am receiving I cannot rightfully verify. The point is, remember to be alert and sober taking precaution on information that may cause distress. Follow the basic measures of sanitizing, washing hands with soap, put on masks and gloves if need be and stay at home. While at home check on distant friends and family through video chats on either skype or Whatsapp.

     2. Exercise and eat right

How am I exercising my brain? By reading books or listening to podcasts. The body needs to keep fit too. Simple aerobic exercises and stretches will do the trick all at the comfort of your home. Hydrate as much as you possibly can. Lemon slices in warm water is good. Eat a balanced diet with more intake of fruits and vegetables.

    3. Discover your God-given talent

Did you know that each of us is a unique being? We individually possess a talent. My talent is being a writer. I discovered this in facets of my life when I was less preoccupied with life’s hustle and bustle. Whenever I sat down alone for about 10 minutes or so, I found myself with a pen and a paper scribbling information down in prose. What is your talent? Now is the time to find out. It could be that you are a good singer or a great pianist.

I hope that things will get better and normalcy will resume. And that I will come out of this pandemic a better being.

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2 years ago

This is a beautiful piece

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