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3 ways to make you feel at home away from home

Are you planning to travel or already enjoying the scenery of your new destination?

Travelling can be exciting and daunting, especially when your comfort zone is at stake. 

The miles of distance from home can make you homesick, which plunges you to find means of making you feel at home when far away from home.

Perhaps the intimidation of being in a new city or town has not settled in yet. 

You are still daydreaming about it, reminiscing about the beautiful and scenic views. 

Let’s talk of new fresh air, which smells immensely different or slightly close to what you are used to. Whatever the case, after the jetlag and the airport to hotel or house transfer, reality slowly trickles in.

Reality check-you are miles away from home.

From personal experience and some tips from friends who have gone through the phase of being away from home, here are three tips on how you can make yourself feel at home away from home-plus a bonus tip.

1. Stay connected to friends and family

The moment you arrive at your new home away from home, you will want to call up some friends and family members to tell them of your safe arrival. 

Of course, you are excited to tell them how your trip was, how the lady that sat next to you on the flight could not just shut up-there are people who are conversation starters and can talk to just anyone, even strangers.

Nowadays, reconnecting with people has become convenient thanks to Skype and Zoom, which are some readily available face-to-face call applications. 

Hopefully, you shared a few tips with your family on using the video calling platforms-Technology has eased life although not everyone has embraced it. 

The warm smiles and bursts of laughter bring you the feeling of home. Remember to share photos via WhatsApp, as a way of creating a mutual reconnection with family.

2. Find or cook your favorite meal

Unless you are allergic to food, the smell of home-cooked food has a calming effect. What is your favorite meal? Is it spicy Pilau you prepare on Sundays after church, or is it the mouth-watering Nyama Choma you grill on Friday evenings for dinner as a way of ushering the weekend in whichever case you have a favorite meal? 

Discover the nearest market in your new surroundings and pack up all the ingredients required for preparing that meal you have been craving for already.

Your taste buds will thank you, plus the aroma from the food will give a deeper connection to help create fresh memories of your new neighborhood

3. Make your hobby part of your new morning routine

While still speaking of food, there is something about the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I am talking about the sweet, caramel coffee smell. You may decide to brew it yourself at home or visit a coffee shop. 

Yoga is another marvelous morning routine you can adapt to if not part of your previous routine. Stretch those muscles and calm your mind through the breathing exercises in yoga practice. What is your hobby-morning run, Zumba dance, or meditation? Make your hobby a means of connecting to your current space either as a part of a morning regime or night-time routine.


Does music lift your spirit and soothe your mood? I know the silence of a new room can be deafening. Besides, music brings life to it. Download your favorite songs and tunes into a playlist and play non-stop. 

Enjoy every moment. 

Let it make you feel at home.

Now it is your turn to explore all the options, to bring the home memories and feelings into your new home.

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