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Awhile back, I never thought public speaking would ever be of any importance in my personal or professional life. I was too afraid to even think about it. Some of you, just like me, don’t even like public speaking, but once you understand the advantages, you will want to learn more about public speaking.

In this article, you will learn about five reasons for the importance of coaching in public speaking. These are not the only reasons because the advantages are endless, although the reasons am sharing are the most important.

Let’s delve deeper into the subject.

1. Confidence matters

My public speaking journey started back in high school when I had to give a school report of how the week had been and how the school clubs were performing. I was nervous and anxious because it was impromptu. I was not about to shame myself in front of over 500 students. After gathering courage, making a few notes, and practicing, I headed to the podium. At the end of the speech, I felt confident that what seemed like a mountain was a molehill. My fellow pupils clapped, which made me more confident.

As soon as you get comfortable making more speeches to a different audience, you will feel some confidence boost. And you will speak much better as you continue to practice your public speaking skills.

2. Overcome public speaking fear

 Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. Many people have this fear, which is evident when one has to make an impromptu speech or presentation. The thought of “what do I say” “how should I say it” “will people laugh at me” and “what if I say the wrong thing”-among many other thoughts come to mind when put on the spot.

 One thing you need to understand is that even the most experienced public speaker feels anxiety when about to make a speech or presentation. It is deciding and effort to gain more skills in public speaking that makes you a better speaker when speaking to audiences.

 3. It helps you in networking and making business links

 Networking is essential in many aspects. Let us say in events where people with a common cause meet and talk. Sometimes you may find yourself in some of these events and not knowing what to say to people around you. Your public speaking skills come in handy to save the embarrassment of not knowing what to say.

 Mastering public speaking techniques connects you with new networks that could support you in future engagements.

 4. Improve and grow your writing and research skills.

As a public speaker or a person who makes presentations regularly, you write your speeches and presentations in word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

 The regular writing exercises help you improve and are excellent in your speeches and presentations. It improves your research skills as you ensure you gather worthy content and information the audience will benefit.

 5. Get better with Video Marketing

Video marketing has become popular among business people. YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, is a proof that millions of people spend lots of time online learning, teaching others, or entertaining people with their content.

The more you practice your public speaking skills, the better you get at talking in front of the camera.


These advantages you have learned above may have stirred your interest in taking a public speaking course. If that is the case, click the link to start your coaching today.


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