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                                                       Our Story

Hi. I’m Alice Nyamai, Founder & CEO of Travel Rafikis. I am also the published author of a book titled Make It Achievable and the host of Mrs Fox Channel. I’ve done a great deal of commendable stuff. It has been a journey of tears, pain, loss, and uprising. Through it all, I have had one goal; to create a world where women fight for their dreams and aspirations while keeping their mental health in check. Around the globe, Travel Rafikis live to the promise to live nothing but the best versions of themselves, to ditch mediocre and focus on greatness.

In March 2019, I was sipping a hot latte coffee in my usual cafe at the Sundowner, and across the table was a woman in her late 30s. She looked foreign from her accent, which I overheard through a phone conversation she had. So, I expressed the warm, friendly greetings associated with Mombasa people (having grown up here) to her. Listen, I am new in this town and would appreciate being your friend. I told her about my circle of travel friends. In Swahili, rafiki is a friend. I told her she was now my rafiki and assured her to feel at home. We are a family of friends across borders. She smiled cheerfully and asked, Where can we find more Rafikis?…… We will discover them together.
So, this is how Travel Rafikis was born.

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Our Beliefs

We believe in diversity. It’s how you make people feel, no matter where they are. We believe in togetherness. We believe in reciprocity. What you give comes back to you. We believe in happiness. We believe there is good in the world.

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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” 

Walt Disney


                           “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

                             Dr. Seuss